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How do I renew my grade card?

Your SNIJIB CSCS grade card expires when your CSCS date does. In order to renew your card, you must therefore pass a new CSCS health and safety test.

Depending on your grade with the SNIJIB, this will either be either of the following:





Where can I do a health and safety test?CS health and safety SN

SNIJIB Edinburgh Office:

Give us a call to make payment and order your test. We’ll then be back in touch when it arrives, to get you booked in. All tests conducted at our office can only be scheduled on a Friday afternoon at 2:20pm.

The test can take 2-3 weeks to arrive at our office.

Your Employer:

If they have a registered Invigilator, we can send the test out to your work site.

Test Centre:

Pearson Vue have test centres around the UK

Once you have passed the test, we require a copy of the score report and payment for your SNIJIB CSCS card.

Which health and safety test should I sit?




General Operative



Site Visitor

Plumbing Related Occupation (unrelated to plumbing work)


Plumber/ Advanced / Plumber

Heating Fitter/Advanced/ Engineer

Mechanical Pipe Fitter/ Advanced

Plumbing Related Occupation (related to plumbing work)

Plumbing with Gas

Gas Service Fitter/Engineer/ Technician

Site Supervisor


Site Manager



Note: The SNIJIB can only provide Plumbing and Non-Plumbing health and safety tests. For all others, please contact CITB.

What constitutes as a Plumbing test?

A "Plumbing" health and safety test from a test centre can include "Plumbing and Heating", "Plumbing and Oil", "Plumbing and Gas" etc.

As long as it has "Plumbing" in the title, we can accept it as a Plumbing health and safety test.

If you are sitting your test with Pearson Vue, you can ask for a "Specialist JIB Plumbing Test".

Am I graded with the SNIJIB?

We may still have some outstanding information regarding your apprenticeship details or qualification, which means you might not have been graded with the SNIJIB.

Get in touch with us to enquire whether or not we have your correct details.

Why haven’t I been upgraded?

Being upgraded with the SNIJIB doesn’t occur automatically; it should be applied for – either by the individual or the employer.

There are some conditions to being upgraded, so please see our Registration and Grading section for details on whether or not you are eligible.


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