The PLUMBING JOINT INDUSTRY BOARD (SNIJIB) is an independent and neutral ‘not for profit’ organization.
Membership of the SNIJIB Board comprises of nominated members from SNIPEF and Unite the Union whom together represent the interests of everyone in the plumbing industry.

Our Objectives

  • show leadership, stimulate and further the progress within the Industry
  • regulate relations between employers and operatives
  • provide benefits for people working in the industry
  • improve skills and proficiency
  • improve and maintain welfare and health and safety standards
  • regulate and control employment

Our Function

  • grading and registration of tradespeople and employees
  • administering Health and Safety tests and Grade cards in accordance with CSCS
  • registration of apprentices maintenance of the National Working Rules (the collective terms and conditions of employment)
  • resolution of dispute & administering the industry’s Holiday and Sick Pay Schemes for employers
  • administering the Tool replacement Scheme for employees

Latest News

New Wage Agreement

The Scottish & Northern Ireland Joint Industry Board for the Plumbing Industry (SNIPEF & UNITE) agreed the following graded rates of wages and allowances to apply from Monday 1 August 2022 and from Monday 3 July 2023. Click here to see the new agreement. COMPRESSED WORKING WEEKThe Scottish & Northern Ireland Joint Industry Board for…

Apprentice Furlough Leave, Shielding, Self-isolation or Temporary Lay Off Appeal

Where an apprentice has more than 6 months’ time lost as a result of being on Furlough Leave, ‘sheilding’, self-isolation or Temporary Lay Off in any year of apprenticeship, such time lost which is more than 6 months must be made up at in the year the absence occurs. Employers should contact the SNIJIB for the relevant…

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