SNIJIB Price List

Member PriceNon-Member Price
1st Time Grading£83.46£159.43
Card Renewal (CSCS out of date)£66.34£89.88
Replacement Card (CSCS in date)£29.96£42.80
Fast Track Card£114.49£114.49
CSCS Revision Booklet£13.91£13.91
Resit CSCS Test£22£22
Invigilator Registration£25£25
Apprentice Registration£78.11£212.9.3
Apprentice Re-Registration£46.01£113.42
Copy of Archived Apprenticeship Documents£40.66£40.66
National Working Rule book£5£5

Member Rates: There is a discount offered to all current members of Unite the Union and SNIPEF. See Member Pricing above. To be eligible you must be able to prove you are a current member of the union or a SNIPEF member firm.


Office Hours – 8am-4pm (3:30pm Friday)

Please provide your national insurance number or SNIJIB card number when contacting the SNIJIB.