Employment and Rules

SNIJIB National Working Rules

The SNIJIB National Working Rules are the collective agreement between SNIPEF and Unite the Union which contain the Rules for the Plumbing Industry. Included in the National Working Rules are:

  • Working Rules- the terms and conditions of employment for the Plumbing Industry
  • Industry Holiday and Sick Pay Scheme- Industry recognised number of holidays and sickness pay
  • Apprentice Training Scheme-Employer and employee terms and conditions of agreement
  • Apprentice Training Scheme-Employer and employee terms and conditions of agreement

Graded Rates of Wages for Qualified Operatives

The Industry receives 6 months advanced notice of any change to the rates to enable employers and employees to plan ahead. A two year agreement commenced Monday 1 August 2022 where a 3% increase was applied. The Graded Rates of Wages and Allowances are due to increase by 3% from Monday 3 July 2023.

Qualifier Operatives

OperativeRate Per Hour
Plumber, Domestic Heating Fitter & Gas Service Fitter£14.02
Advanced Plumber, Advanced Heating Fitter & Gas Service Engineer£15.95
Technician Plumber & Gas Services Technician£17.65
Plumbing Labourer£12.50

There are occasions where the National Minimum and National Living Wage will be higher than the SNIJIB apprentice wage rates and vice versa. An apprentice must receive the higher of either which is applicable to their age and their year of apprenticeship (ie. 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th year).

Industry Sick Pay Scheme

Industry Sick Pay is paid at the same time as Statutory Sick Pay. Please see below the weekly Industry Sick Pay rates:

OperativeIndustry Sick Pay Rate (Weekly)
Apprentice 1st year£0
Apprentice 2nd year£0
Apprentice 3rd year£11.75
Apprentice 4th year£41.90
£94.15+£250 for 12 weeks and then £150 for 16 weeks

Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) Gas Course Training and Assessment

Rule 27 states that employees who are due to complete the Accredited Certification Scheme for gas course training and assessment must sign the recognised agreement in order that their employer will meet the costs. For the recognised agreement click here.

An employee who then leaves within a period of 3 years of completing the training and assessment or is dismissed for gross misconduct, is obligated to repay a percentage of the costs in accordance with the agreed SNIJIB repayment table.


The redundancy guide below explains how to calculate redundancy payments, notice and holiday accrual. The statutory ready reckoner helps you calculate redundancy payments as this is dependent on the on the age and length of service of an individual.

Employers who are members of SNIPEF can receive detailed advice and support here.

Employees who are members of Unite the Union can receive detailed advice and support here.



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