How do I renew my grade card?

Your SNIJIB CSCS grade card expires when your CSCS date does. In order to renew your card, you must therefore pass a new CSCS health and safety test.

Depending on your grade with the SNIJIB, this will either be either of the following:

  • Plumbing
  • Non-Plumbing
  • Supervisor
  • Manager

Where can I sit a health and safety test?

For employees:

If your employer has a SNIJIB Registered Invigilator, you can sit your test at their offices or work site. We offer 1 free test with every card (a re-sit must be paid for). Just have your invigilator call us on 0131 524 1225 to arrange.

If your employer does not have a recognised Registered Invigilator, they can apply the the SNIJIB to have one.

Self Employed/Unemployed Operatives :

Tests must legally be invigilated, so you will have to visit a company with a SNIJIB Registered Invigulator, so they can do this for you.

Alternatively, you can use a CITB test centre. If you are a plumber please make sure you sit the Specialist Plumbing (JIB) test. Pearson Vue/CITB – 0344 994 4488

Once you have passed the test, we require a copy of the score report and a photo of you. Once you have emailed that in you can call to make payment for your SNIJIB CSCS card.

Which health and safety test should I sit?

Test TypeOperative Grading
SNIJIB Non-PlumbingGeneral Operative, Labourer, Apprentice, Site Visitor, Plumbing Related
SNIJIB PlumbingPlumber, Heating Fitter, Mechanical Pipe Fitter
Gas or Plumbing with GasGas Service Fitter
Site SupervisorSite Supevisor
Site ManagerSite Manager

Note: The SNIJIB can only provide Plumbing and Non-Plumbing health and safety tests. For all others, please contact CITB.

How do I use the CSCS Smart Check App?

If you have a card with us that was printed since March 2022 then you will be on the CSCS Smart Check App.

  1. Download the CSCS Smart Check app from the app store on your phone. It’s free.
  2. Select MANUAL CHECK
  3. Card Scheme = SNIJIB
  4. Registration Number = Your number with us. Just remove the zero(s) at the beginning and start with the 1st digit. This can be found on any of your previous cards or requested from the SNIJIB.
  5. Input your surname
  6. Click Verify

You will find a record of your grading with us, any qualifications we have on file for you, your CSCS expiration date and a photo of yourself to prove it’s you.



Office Hours – 8am-4pm (3:30pm Friday)

Please provide your national insurance number or SNIJIB card number when contacting the SNIJIB.