Become an Apprentice

Want to become a SNIJIB recognised apprentice plumber?

The SNIJIB welcomes both men and women from all ages in the Plumbing Industry. If you wish to undertake a Modern Apprenticeship in Domestic Plumbing and Heating you must first find an employer.

Individuals are expected to have a minimum of four National 4 Qualifications/ Standard Grades at general level and will be required to pass the Plumbing Industry’s Apprentice Entrance Selection Test (invigilated by a recruiting employer).

Plumbing Apprenticeship (Scotland)

SNIPEF Training Services Ltd

SNIPEF Training Services Ltd acts as the Managing Agent & Training Provider for the Modern Apprenticeship in Domestic Plumbing and Heating in Scotland and obtains funding from the Government (Skills Development Scotland).

Whilst there is no restriction for entry to the Modern Apprenticeship in Domestic Plumbing, the Government does have age-related funding bands. Employers can enquire about funding for an apprentice with SNIPEF Training Services Ltd here.



Office Hours – 8am-4pm (3:30pm Friday)

Please provide your national insurance number or SNIJIB card number when contacting the SNIJIB.